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Whether you’re moving house and need a home buyer’s drainage survey, are a landlord responsible for the drainage, or planning an extension to your property, this drainage CCTV inspection service provides a recorded CCTV sewer survey that is efficiently undertaken to the highest industry standards. An early drainage report will ascertain the condition of the drains in the property, giving you time to rectify problems before they escalate, or peace of mind and supporting evidence for 3rd party or tenancy claims.

All of our CCTV surveys are written to Water Research Centre (WRC) standards using the latest industry software, WincanVX, and CCTV technology.

MZR Drainage will provide you with a full technical PDF drainage report, drains site plan, recommendations, pipeline specifications, and quotations for any necessary pipe repairs from qualified engineers.

With our no-dig drain inspections using a CCTV drain survey in Birmingham, we identify the problem and find exactly where it is! Do not wait until the subsequent downpour to identify drainage or pipe problems.  Let’s recognise potential drain complications before they become a problem – such as whether your pipes need relining or repairing – so you know your options and potentially save money. Using the latest CCTV camera drain control technology, all drainage blocks and possible issues can be correctly diagnosed.

Typical Issues Found In A Drainage CCTV Survey

These are the types of issues we typically find:

Once our engineer has viewed the CCTV survey footage they can identify any problems, assess the current condition of the drain/sewer, spot any potential problems that could be encountered in the future and make recommendations for any immediate or long-term action to be taken.

A DVD of the footage will then be made available to customers and on request a detailed report will be produced.

What Does It Cost?

Drain Unblocking

Domestic Drain Unblocking

Whatever is necessary to restore flow to your home drainage system
£ 80 +VAT Fixed Pricing
  • 8am & 16.30pm Monday to Friday.
  • Based on task completion rather than time, so you will not be charged for any overtime
  • Professional mechanical/rods and jetting drainage equipment

Commercial Drain Unblocking

Attend and unblock drains using various professional methods
£ 90 +VAT Per Hour
  • 8am & 16.30pm Monday to Friday.
  • Rods, electro-mechanical and/or high-pressure drain jetting as appropriate to restore flow
  • Based on having unhindered access to all chambers and areas with permisson

CCTV Drain Surveys

Domestic CCTV Drain Survey

£ 175 + VAT Per Visit
  • Home Drain Inspection Report
  • up to 30m of drain no larger than 150mm in diameter.
  • 8am & 16.30pm Monday to Friday.

Commercial CCTV Drain Survey

£ 195 +VAT Per Visit
  • Determine the structural integrity of up to 30m of ‘all accessible drainage’
  • Based on having unhindered access to all chambers and areas with permisson
  • 8am & 16.30pm Monday to Friday.

Home Buyer CCTV Drainage and Sewer Survey

If you’re looking for a new home, then you’ll need and want a homebuyer’s CCTV drainage survey.

This will help you make sure the property’s drains and sewer lines are working properly with a detailed inspection report. Save money and get peace of mind with MZR Drainage Services.

Blocked Drain CCTV Survey

We have a whole range of different CCTV cameras at our disposal – guaranteeing you the best possible CCTV drain survey.

We choose the right camera for each job:

50mm diameter Push Rod CCTV cameras for 100-225mm diameter drains – little, effective cameras that can get into the narrowest spaces.

Benefits Of Calling MZR Drainage

If you require the services of an emergency drain unblocking professional or want to make sure you are covered if you do in the future, get in touch with our expert team today by calling 0121 663 1060 or 07967 835427. We can be with you quickly to resolve the issue efficiently and prevent further damage. Don’t forget, we are on call 24/7!

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